a small netgen 2D MPI mesh bug

When I run 2D code in MPI, I get the following warning (although the code still runs)

Element::Element: unknown element with 3 points

Here my element shall be a 3 point triangle, and it should not call the 3D element function to get its type…

This warning does not appear when I run in serial…

It would be easier to debug if you provide the python code
(citation Guosheng)

here is a minimal code that generate the message
I ran

mpirun -np 5 ngspy test.py   

It produce four copies of

Element::Element: unknown element with 3 points

Attachment: test.py

Which versions of NGSolve are you running?

I cannot reproduce your issue with NGSolve-6.2.1902-139-gc4543a8b9 and the corresponding Netgen version.

After I updated to NGSolve-6.2.1902-139-gc4543a8
the message was gone… thanks