CalcElementVector - macOS RuntimeError: std::bad_cast


I use the following code-snippet without any problems on windows.

            for el in fes.Elements(VOL):
                 elvec = f_int_lfi.CalcElementVector (el.GetFE(), el.GetTrafo())

On macOS (installation via conda) Python 3.7.3, ngsolve 6.2.2007 it fails with RuntimeError: std::bad_cast.
I use H1 elements for fes. Anyone a tip where this difference between macOS and Windows could be relevant for this function?

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without seeing the full code it’s difficult to say whether windows of macOS are right. I am not aware of an essential difference.

I see your point. Up to now I was not able to generate a minimal example that has the same issue. It seems that the function el.GetTrafo() throws the error: *** RuntimeError: std::bad_cast.

I now found a perfect minimal example to show the behavior. The attached file runs fine on windows and fails on macOS.
It seems to have something to do with the SetDeformation command on the mesh.
Perhaps this helps you to check what could go wrong here.


fixed in the latest nightly release,
thanks for the report,