Compound spaces for pde files

Using version NETGEN-6.2-dev with NGSolve-6.2.1706-163-g0ed4994
pde files which use compound spaces like this:

fespace fs  -type=compound -spaces=[fs1,fs2,fs3]

are now failing in numproc bvp
…add grid_function euq
.The error message is “Exception in NGS_LoadPDE. don’t know my dimension”
Here is an example pde file that is failing this way.

[code]shared = “…/libDPG”
constant heapsize = 10000000

geometry = square.in2d
mesh = square2.vol.gz

constant one = 1
constant minus = -1.0
coefficient lam (1+I)

Source (exact solution unknown)

coefficient f ( (1+I)exp( -100.0(xx+yy) ) )

Compound finite element space:

fespace fs1 -type=h1ho -order=3 -dirichlet=[1] -complex
fespace fs2 -type=hdivho -order=2 -orderinner=1 -complex
fespace fs3 -type=l2ho -order=4 -complex
fespace fs -type=compound -spaces=[fs1,fs2,fs3] -complex


bilinearform dpg -fespace=fs -eliminate_internal
gradgrad (1) (3) lam # (grad u, grad v) + Hermitian transpose
flxtrc (2) (3) minus # - << q.n, v >> + Hermitian transpose
laplace one -comp=3 # (grad e, grad v)
mass one -comp=3 # (e,v)

linearform lf -fespace=fs
source f -comp=3


gridfunction uqe -fespace=fs
numproc bvp n2 -bilinearform=dpg -linearform=lf
-gridfunction=uqe -solver=direct
I’m attaching a pdf file with a gdb stack trace and some source code context.

I will be porting these pde files to python, but please let me know if there is some modification to the pde syntax that may get them working again.

Dow Drake

Attachment: debugtrace2.pdf

fixed with the coming nightly release
(commit 08d09652024c5ebae10e717c731e7d93dbb3c3d0)