DG operator application in 1D


We are seeing an issue with a simple 1D convection code that worked correctly about a year ago. Here’s the relevant snippet. When we call Apply, we now get an exception

[color=purple]netgen.libngpy._meshing.NgException: In ComputeNormalsAndMeasure SIMD: not implemented yet!
I think this is occurring in fem/intrule.cpp in line 3423 of the method ComputeNormalsAndMeasure in the context of a SIMD_MappedIntgrationRule.

[code] p = 4
mesh = ng.Mesh(make1dmesh(100))
fes = L2(mesh, order=p)
u, v = fes.TnT()

beta = 1
n = ng.specialcf.normal(mesh.dim)

Fu = beta * n * IfPos(beta * n, u.Other(), u)

c = ng.BilinearForm(fes)
c += SymbolicBFI(-u * beta * grad(v))
c += SymbolicBFI(Fu * v, element_boundary=True)

u = ng.GridFunction(fes, 'u')
u.Set(10.0 * exp(-10.0 * ng.x * ng.x))

t = 0
dt = 0.0001
tend = 10
r = u.vec.CreateVector()

while t < tend:

    c.Apply(u.vec, r) # The error occurs here


Thanks for any help on this!


Attachment: convect.py

fixed, is working in the coming nightly,