error of view for vtk file

Dear all,

For viewing the DG solution in Paraview, we firstly run the following codes to get the solution “gfu”.

from netgen.geom2d import unit_square
from ngsolve import *
mesh = Mesh(unit_square.GenerateMesh(maxh=0.3))
fes = L2(mesh, order=order, dgjumps=True)
u,v = fes.TnT()
jump_u = u-u.Other()
jump_v = v-v.Other()
n = specialcf.normal(2)
mean_dudn = 0.5*n * (grad(u)+grad(u.Other()))
mean_dvdn = 0.5*n * (grad(v)+grad(v.Other()))
alpha = 4
h = specialcf.mesh_size
a = BilinearForm(fes)
diffusion = grad(u)*grad(v) * dx \
    +alpha*order**2/h*jump_u*jump_v * dx(skeleton=True) \
    +(-mean_dudn*jump_v-mean_dvdn*jump_u) * dx(skeleton=True) \
    +alpha*order**2/h*u*v * ds(skeleton=True) \
    +(-n*grad(u)*v-n*grad(v)*u)* ds(skeleton=True)
a += diffusion
f = LinearForm(fes)
f += 1*v*dx
gfu = GridFunction(fes, name="uDG") = a.mat.Inverse() * f.vec

Then we run the following code to get a vtk file “solution”,

vtk = VTKOutput(ma=mesh, coefs=[gfu], names=["uh"], filename="solution", subdivision=3)

But when we view this vtk file on Paraview, it is a totally bad file and we cannot see anything. Please tell us where something is wrong.


Di Yang

Dear Di Yang,

Your code snippet is fine. I cannot reproduce a problem. Could you please attach the resulting vtk file so that I can check if it is a problem of the export or a problem on the import side of things?


Dear Christoph,

I have solved the problem. It is something to do with memory. Thank you very much.


Di Yang