Generate Mesh out of Voxel Data

Dear developers,

I would like to ask whether it would be possible to add a feature to Netgen to generate meshes out of Voxel-Data( specifically labeled MRI-Image-Stacks). Right at the Moment I rely on CGAL to do that (see CGAL 5.5.2 - 3D Mesh Generation: User Manual) However, when using CGAL the interfaces between different label regions get really bad.

Kind Regards

Hi ekarabelas,
we are indeed developing a package to do this. It generates a smooth stl mesh from voxeldata and this stl geometry can be meshed by Netgen afterwards. The code is available at GitHub

Note, that this project is in a very early stage and has a lot of flaws still (as well as no documentation). But you are welcome to try it and contribute.
Feel free to contact me if you want more information or help on this project.


Thanks I’ll have a look into it.

Ok I have some trouble getting the repository to compile but you said that there’s no documentation