more MPI tutorials?


I would like to learn more about ngsolve+MPI. My first goal is to do explicit DG solver for flow problems using MPI. There are a couple of mpi demos available in the py_tutorials/ directory. But that seems all I can find online…
Do you have other test cases available? Or can you point me the right direction to learn more about mpi coding with NGSolve?

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In the i-Tutorials there is a new section since the last Usermeeting about MPI programming, have you seen that?

i saw that tutorial, it focused more on the solver part. but i would like to see know how to convert an existing serial code to a parallel one. shall i learn basics about mpi4py?

Usually it is not necessary. The python code should be (almost) the same for setting up the problem. For the solver part you need to use something that works mpi parallel.
We have started the work on an interface to the petsc solver library which is mpi parallel as well, so you can assemble your problem in mpi parallel NGSolve and use the petsc parallel solvers as well. You can check it out here:

But note that this is in a very early state yet.

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