Regarding converter for gmesh to netgen native format .vol

I had a problem regarding conversion from gmsh native format to .vol format. I am using netgen 5.0 as part of a massive framework as a result moving to netgen 6.0(which I know has this converter) is not that easy. Hence I would like to ask whether its possible to get the functions which are responsible for converting the .msh format to .vol in netgen 6 and use them to build a stand-alone program which can work as a converter.


the ReadGmsh function in Netgen 6.2 is a pure python function.
Since most function in the python interface are exported c++ function, you might find all necessary functions somewhere in the c++ code. But I wouldn’t recommend you to start digging!

Is it feasible for you to use a Netgen 6.2 with python interface for converting and an older version in your code?


Another options is to write a mesh converter, essentially look at the information the python script is gathering from the gmsh mesh to create the ngsolve one. Then you can save that information in the right format in a .vol file. To see how the formatting of the .vol files works, have a look at some of the examples in the tutorial folder of NGSolve