Segmentation fault: 11 when import netgen / ngsolve - macOS


today i had to setup a complete new installation of NGSolve on macOS. I chose the latest version and added all the paths as described in the “Getting started”. I can open and work with NGSolve via the terminal and via the GUI. I can also execute my .py files via “netgen”.

But i cannot import netgen.gui or ngsolve in a python script and only start the script. With python 3.7.1 it crashes with a segmentation fault: 11.

Additionally i tried to set the path for spyder to work with the modules. But using the PATHMANAGER it isn’t possible to select a resource folder in an .app folder. Does anybody have a tip for me?

Thank you in advance!

Sorry for the late answer. Do you have multiple versions of Netgen installed?

No, it is a new macOS installation and it is the first and only installation.