Stop TaskManager console message

Hi everyone,

is there any way I can stop the printing of the message task-based parallelization (C++11 threads) using xx threads to the console whenever TaskManager() gets called? Unfortunately, changing ngsglobals.msg_level does not help.

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I thought that line is helpful…
But if you build ngsolve from source, you may simply comment out the line
78: std::cout << "task-based parallelization (C++11 threads) using “<< task_manager->GetNumThreads() << " threads” << std::endl;
in taskmanager.cpp in the source code and recompile.

Hi Guosheng,

thank you for the hint :slight_smile: ! The line you suggested looked slightly different in the sources I have, but from that point I now found a way from the python end:

from pyngcore import SetLoggingLevel, LOG_LEVEL

Because I call the TaskManager only where its needed (twice in every iteration of my time loop), my own output is drowned in the console by this message.

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Hi Henry and Guosheng,

Thank you all for the investigation. I changed the code in NGSolve such that

ngsglobals.msg_level = level

also sets the logging level in ngcore accordingly, see commit

Setting the level to 3 or below mutes the message of the TaskManager.

I also issued a nightly build with this version which is already online.