Using minH parameter in GenerateMesh method in Python


I want to limit minimal elements size when generate mesh:

mesh = geometry.GenerateMesh(maxh=elemMaxHeight)

gridMesh = Mesh(mesh)

Unfortunately I didn’t find any parameter which can help me.
In C++ source code there is MeshingParameters object, containing minh parameter,
but in python there is not the similar one, only maxh.

Is there some way to limit geometry mesh?

Many thanks, Alexander


which type of geometry do you have?

In general the mesh size is close to the maxh unless a finer mesh size is needed to approximate the geometry. Setting a minh would lead so a bad approximation of the geometry (at least in the cases a tested).
Could you attach an example where the mesh is to fine?


Thanks for replying!

In general, I use OCCGeomerty and STEP models which generated automatically.
Some models have bends (curves) where mesh is very small or infinite small and meshing eats all memory.

I want to optimize that process.