webgui issue: mesh doesn't deform with components of a complex CF

Hi There,

I recently reinstalled NGSolve from source on my machine (running Linux mint). I noticed an issue with the webgui that wasn’t present before. If I plot a complex function on a mesh and try to deform it, the mesh doesn’t travel with the real or complex parts of the function. If I set it to display the norm, then the mesh does follow along when deforming. Here’s a minimal working example:

[code]from netgen.geom2d import unit_square
import ngsolve as ng
from ngsolve.webgui import Draw

mesh = ng.Mesh(unit_square.GenerateMesh(maxh=.1))

Draw(ng.x - 1/2 + 1j * ng.y, mesh)[/code]

If I deform the real component I get the image in attachments.

Not certain how to get the images to come through here actually. But if you run that example you may see what I see, that if you deform either the real or complex components the mesh doesn’t travel with it.


First: We still have issues with the forum software, thus the code environment and attachments are not visible.

I can reproduce your problem, a fixed version of webgui_juypter_widgets will be released soon.



It’s fixed with webgui-jupyter-widgets 0.2.9.


Y’all rock! Thank you.