Which version of Netgen mesher is most stable or maintained?

Hello. I’m confused about which one to use out of:

  • Github GitHub - NGSolve/netgen which seems to have recent commits but I can’t find version numbering or releases.
  • Sourceforge Netgen Mesh Generator - Browse /netgen-mesher at SourceForge.net which seems unmaintained and I experienced version 6 being slower and buggier than 4 but not sure if that’s because of how I compiled it.
  • ngsolve.org which has recent versions 6.2.xxxx but the numbering seems barely above the 6.1 on Sourceforge from the year 2016 and it’s unclear if it’s just the solver or also the mesher.

Can someone explain how they all relate to each other and if there’s a single “best” version? I’m only interested in using the mesher as a library.


We changed the version numbering basically to Main:Sub:Date
main and sub change on big new features only (or removal of old features). Continuous new features come with Year+Version tag in date

So 2305 means fifth release in 2023.

You can find the releases here:

If you can tell us on which examples you experienced 6 to be slower than 4 we can have a look.

We only provide combined installers of Netgen+NGSolve anymore, since it would be too much maintanance providing seperate ones. But with ngsolve you get everything from netgen (+FEM). If you want Netgen only you’d need to build it yourself

Thanks Christopher.

I don’t have examples on hand that are slower in v6, just remember seeing it happen.