2D equivalent of GenerateVolumeMesh

Hello everybody,

In 3D, to generate a volume Mesh from a given boundary mesh one can use ngmesh.GenerateVolumeMesh() as used in the last example on 4.3 Working with meshes — NGS-Py 6.2.2302 documentation

Is there an equivalent in 2D?
I.e., in 2D, is there a way to generate an area(domain) mesh, from given boundary nodes and boundary edges?

Any help is welcome,
Best, Carl

Hm I think not directly, but I think easily hackable.
Try to comment

 geometry.PartitionBoundary (mp, mp.maxh, *mesh);

in netgen/libsrc/geom2d/genmesh2d.cpp:415.

And additionally export the GenerateMesh function that takes a mesh argument to python in python_geom2d.cpp

You would additionally need to export the domin and domout parameters for the Element1D and set them correctly (like leftdomain and rightdomain in the geo).

Hope this helps, let me know if something is not working.