After update ngsolve, python code does not work any more

I updated ngsolve to “NGSolve-6.2.2302-38-g68e747b4f” and now my python script does not work anymore. its really frustrating. Please help me, i got this error and do not know whats wrong because everything work before update :

TypeError: ArnoldiSolver(): incompatible function arguments. The following argument types are supported:
    1. (mata: BaseMatrix, matm: BaseMatrix, freedofs: pyngcore.pyngcore.BitArray, vecs: list, shift: complex = <ngsolve.ngstd.DummyArgument>, inverse: Optional[str] = None) -> ngsolve.bla.VectorC

Invoked with: < object at 0x7f41d2d8fc70>, < object at 0x7f41d2d43b30>, <pyngcore.pyngcore.BitArray object at 0x7f41d2d43df0>, < object at 0x7f41d2d8d670>, 10

Ok, i found that

ngsolve.ArnoldiSolver(a.mat, b.mat, fes.FreeDofs(), list(u.vecs), shift)

works, before i had

ngsolve.ArnoldiSolver(a.mat, b.mat, fes.FreeDofs(), u.vecs, shift)