Alfeld splits

Hello, NGSolve community,

Does mesh.SplitElements_Alfeld() work for 3D?

When I uses the following code:

print ("volels: ", mesh.GetNE(VOL))

print ("bndels: ", mesh.GetNE(BND))

before using mesh.SplitElements_Alfeld() and after using mesh.SplitElements_Alfeld() , the number of volume elements seems to be the same.

Many thanks

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I think it’s not.
A more general interface to a wider class of splittings is under construction.


Thank you so much, Joachim, for your classification.

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While I don’t think Alfeld split is supported by native NGSolve in 3D, it is supported via ngsPETSc (I’ve been wanting to try implementing that for a while!).
Have a look here: PETSc DMPlex — ngsPETSc 0.0.1 documentation