BEM with NGSolve

It is a pleasure to announce NG-BEM, an open source package for solving
boundary integral equations on top of NGSolve.

NG-BEM has been initiated by Lucy Weggler, who has long-time experience with
the boundary element method (BEM).

To find out more and try NG-BEM go to Welcome to NG-BEM — NG-BEM

Questions and suggestions are welcome in the NGSolve - forum.

Joachim Schöberl, Daniel Seibel, Lucy Weggler

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This is amazing! I remember trying to solve a sound-soft scattering problem with BEM in NGSolve a while ago (BEM For Helmholtz Sound-Soft Scattering Problem – UZ Blog). This is gonna make it so much easier!

I would expect user-defined Kernels for Magnetic problems.
Is it planned and wait for sometime or do I have to dive into NGSolve C++?