Build on Windows - CMAKE Error


i would like to use NGSolve with Windows 10 and am trying to build it from sources (because i want to use MPI/PETSc).

Unfortunately cmake cant find the METIS-package (but is is installed).

Would you guys have an idea for solving this?


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Are you sure you want to use windows for this?

This comes on the petsc documentation if you search for installing on windows:

Installing PETSc On Microsoft Windows
Are You Sure?
Are you sure you want to use Microsoft Windows? We recommend using Linux if possible (and minimize troubleshooting Microsoft Windows related issues).

I had once a mpi - windows NGSolve installation running (without petsc), but it needed quite some adaptations and was quite some work… If you are sure you want to go through this I can search for my modifications… But I would recommend using linux.


Hi Christopher,
thanks for the advice!
I installed ngsolve now on the linux subsystem of windows (wsl version 2 with ubuntu 18.04) and this works :slight_smile:

best regards,