Build with Pardiso failed

Hello everyone, I’m currently trying to install ngsolve from the sources with pardiso.
Since I’m not really familiar with the build process of ngsolve and cmake, I tried using the cmake gui.
I have successfully installed the oneApi version 2024.0 from Intel and filled out and specified the corresponding variables in the cmake gui.

The configuration and generation of the build files seems to work.

Unfortunately I first get an error that seems to come from the FindMKL.cmake file from NgSolve\src\cmake\cmake_modules directory.

Does anyone know the error and can help me?
I would be really grateful for help.
Tobias Karim Aouini

Hi Tobias,

First, disable the “USE_PARDISO”, it is only used for the separate pardiso library, not for pardiso provided by Intel MKL.
Concerning the MKL issues, try to pull the latest master and build again.


Hi Matthias,
Ah yes I forgot to mention I got the new sources yesterday before. There was a change to the MKL handling to yesterday?
By disabling the USE_PARDISO switch I get a new error message during the build process.

Best Tobias