Chạy mô phỏng cmagnet từ tính với các phần tử Lagrange

i would like to set up an educational example where i assume not knowing that for magnetostatics one should use H(Curl) elements. Also neglecting all the stuff about gauging and stabilization.

I used the as reference and did the following changes:
fes = H1(mesh, order=2, dirichlet=“outer”)
a+= SymbolicBFI(nu*div(u)*div(v))

NGsolve tells me now that it cannot form div.
Isn’t that the same structure as for linear elasticity problems?
Am i missing a mathematical trap or am i treating the program wrong?

Thank you for that great software and your strong support!
With best regards

Hi xuanhdc,

H1 is the finite element space of scalar valued functions. You may want to try “VectorH1” here.