Changes in NetgenGeometry class in netgen6.2.22 and newer


I’m involved in a project where netgen is used extensively to mesh geometries in all dimensions. Since netgen 6.2.22 we are not able to upgrade to newer versions of the library, mainly because of the changes inside NetgenGeometry class. Due to the new way of getting the segments enclosing a face based on edge orientation/numeration (face.GetBoundary() method) instead of as before based on mesh.LineSegments and segments associated to faces id.

Due to this modification, very important features on our library breaks for newer versions of netgen, demanding some refactor from our side to fix them. Up to now we have managed to get around this new way of getting the face boundary by directly using Mesh2 class to mesh faces based on premeshed segments (in our library certain meshes will define a close chain of segments not placed at the face boundary). Here is our first question, do you have any road map or plan to update/modify this specific class? We are wondering whether this solution will stand for the next netgen versions.

There is another functionality in our library which is broken in new netgen versions, and is the ability to do submeshing, namely, allow netgen to mesh certain edges of a face and we others in the same face. As this kind of operation requires passing only non meshed edges to netgen, when the step to mesh the entire face arrives, netgen does not manage to close the chain of segments because of the missing edges. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this workflow as smooth as possible for newer versions?

Thanks very much for your help,