coarse mesh from step


I’m looking for a way to create coarse meshes from step files. I found this solution from Joachim: geo.GenerateMesh(maxh=1000, curvaturesafety=0.7) but in my case the parameter curvaturesafety changes nothing. I miss a minh parameter (Netgen GUI → Mesh → meshing options → Mesh Size → min mesh-size). In the GUI it produces perfect coarse meshes. Is there a way to do that in python or batchmode?

Many thanks, Matthias

What options do you change in the GUI to create the coarse mesh? Another parameter that changes the mesh size would be grading.

Hello Christopher,

sorry for my late reply, I was on vacation. I played around with the netgen GUI, it seems to me that the min mesh-size parameter in Netgen GUI → Mesh → meshing options → Mesh Size have the most impact to create coarse models. Increase this parameter to get coarser meshes, in my case I got very convincing results. Unfortunately this parameter is not available via python.

I hope this helps,