Defining subdomains in a periodic mesh

dear Colleagues

I would like to know if someone has already worked with subdomains in a L2 periodic mesh, I am trying to set a unite square cell with a circle inclusion but is not working the material definition, thanks by advance for your help.


What do you mean with not working? Do you have an example code that is failing? Without inclusion it is working?


Thanks Christopher

First, yes the code is running without inclusion.

It seem the subdomains are not being recognized after adding the circle to the periodic square, when I call the them with mesh.GetMaterials is shows: KeyError: ‘default’

from math import pi
from ngsolve import *
from netgen.geom2d import SplineGeometry
from ngsolve.internal import *
from netgen.meshing import MeshingParameters
from math import pi 

# Creating Geometry 

# Unite cell set-up 
l = 1
ST = l*l
vf = 0.2
Sf = vf*ST
r = sqrt(Sf/pi)

# Creating Periodic Geometry 

periodic = SplineGeometry()
pnts = [ (-0.5*l,-0.5*l), (0.5*l,-0.5*l), (0.5*l,0.5*l), (-0.5*l,0.5*l) ]
pnums = [periodic.AppendPoint(*p) for p in pnts]
lright = periodic.Append ( ["line", pnums[1], pnums[2]], bc="periodicx")
lsup = periodic.Append ( ["line", pnums[2], pnums[3]],bc="periodicy")
periodic.Append ( ["line", pnums[0], pnums[3]], leftdomain=0, rightdomain=1, copy=lright, bc="periodicx")
periodic.Append ( ["line", pnums[1], pnums[0]], leftdomain=0, rightdomain=1, copy=lsup, bc="periodicy")
periodic.AddCircle(c=(0,0), r=r, bc="circle", leftdomain=2, rightdomain=1)
mesh = Mesh(periodic.GenerateMesh(maxh=0.1, quad_dominated=False))
order = 2 

periodic.SetMaterial (1, "outer")
periodic.SetMaterial (2, "inner")
domain_values = {'inner': -1,  'outer': 1}
values_list = [domain_values[mat]
               for mat in mesh.GetMaterials()]

I don’t know if could be the definition of periodic.SetMaterial … or the definitions in left-right domain. Thank you so much by advance for your help.

Best regards

You need to set the materials before creating the mesh.


You’re right, my bad :stuck_out_tongue: , thanks for your time Christopher

best regards