Elliptic arcs on WorkPlane

I am trying to model a 2d face with elliptic arc sections using a WorkPlane. However, I cannot find a method in WorkPlane for this. I tried using wp.Spline() for this specifying the start point and gradient at the start point, midpoint and gradient at the midpoint and end point and its gradient. This looks visually okay but the results using this geometry deviate slightly from the actual results even after using very fine meshes.

This leads me to believe that the elliptic arcs are not exactly represented by the spline. I would like to know if I am correct in my speculation. If yes, how do I go about drawing elliptic arcs on WorkPlanes.

You can try interpolating the elliptic arc with more spline point - do the results change, in the order of the error ?

Hello Joachim, yes, it changes. I thought that there might be a more straightforward way. Thanks.