Generating a `quad`-only mesh

I am trying to generate a mesh that consists of only quads (4-noded). Is this supported in NetGen ?

geo = SplineGeometry()
    p1 = (0.,0),
    p2 = (2.,4),
    leftdomain = 1,
    rightdomain = 0
    c = (1.,2),
    r = 0.5,
    leftdomain = 0,
    rightdomain = 1

ngmsh = geo.GenerateMesh(maxh=0.1,quad_dominated= True)

However this generates of course meshes with both triangles and quads, with the latter “dominating”.

Quad only meshing is currently only supported for very easy geometries that can be mapped from a reference triangle by creating structured meshes in the module ngsolve.meshes.
Sorry, quad only meshes for arbitrary geometries are not implemented (and afaik not attempted to)