How to collect mesh at the edge/border of two faces


I am a beginner of Netgen software, and I have just used it since a couple of days before.
In order to generate surface mesh, I tried to use Netgen GUI software, and found it very powerful and efficient.

But, there is a problem.
Using Netgen to analyze some kind of configurations with wing or pin, but I was not able to collect surface mesh at the root of wing/pin and tip of these.
I tried all of options in “Meshing options” of GUI.

Is there a way to collect surface mesh at the edge of a face and the border of faces?
I prefer the method changing some options or parameters, and make surface mesh automatically, because there are so many cases to analyze.
If there is no automatic ways, it would be also thankful to tell me a manual way.

Please check my figure attached, and the regions pointed by arrow are the place at which I wanted to collect mesh.

Thanks for your help.