import netgen.gui


I am quite new to Netgen/NGSolve and have just started with the i-tutorails.
I have an issue with importing the gui. From the youtube tutorial I got the impression that the first lines of the first tutorial should open the netgen gui. When I run the first jupyter notebook cell (as seen in the code below) it does not open anything. However, starting netgen from the console works perfectly fine.
Is there something wrong with my installation, or is that supposed to work that way?

import netgen.gui
from ngsolve import *
from netgen.geom2d import unit_square
%gui tk

Do you get an error message in the console? Did you follow the instructions (regarding the ipykernel version) as described here:


Thank you so much! I totally missed that.
Had to downgrade my ipykernel but now it works like a charm.