In python3 draw() function displays no graphic window

Hi erverybody
I am new in Netgen/NGSolve. My first step was running the example, but no graphic will be displayed.
The script simply ends without any error messege.
I use ubuntu 22.10 and python3. The installation runs without any error message. I also installed jupyter-notebook and extensions accordin the install instruchtions
can anyone help me?

Try running the script either with the installed netgen executable or with

python -m netgen

Hello Christopher
Thank you for your helpful hint
variant “netgen” works
variant “python3 -m netgen” works too
But with jupyter-notebook the Draw() function works also
The problem occurs only in pure python3
Actually, I have no problem with tat, I simply use the -m netgen variantmany Thanks

alternatively, you can add

import netgen.gui

into the python file, and something like
input(“press return key”)
at the end.


The GUI works fine now
I feel like a child on a playground…
Many Thanks