Instal NGSolve with MPI and MUMPS

Hello everybody,

I am trying to reinstal NGSolve, but this time with MPI and MUMPS enabled. During the “make” comand (when Mumps is downloaded) an error occurs and the installation runs in a never endling loop of retrying the download. I think this happens because the developers of MUMPS changed the way to download their software and the old way doesn’t work anymore. So I downloaded Mumps independently of NGSolve and now I have the question if it is possible to instal MUMPS before NGSolve and link it afterwards (just like I instal the MKL Library beforhand and link it in the installation of NGSolve via MKL_ROOT=…)?

Thanks for everybody who can help me!

I’ve done this once, but did not test my install a lot.

In this case one cannot use the cmake “superbuild” (at least for ngsolve) but must build the components (netgen, ngsolve, mumps, maybe other deps like parmetis) separately, which is not too complicated.
Then, IIRC, I’ve built mumps in the way quite close to what “superbuild” would have done. Have a look at the mumps related files in ngsolve’s “cmake/external_projects” directory.

Best, Matthias


I will test that on my machine and try if it works for me.

i’m wondring if you succeed to enable mumps in ngsolve ?



I didn’t succeed yet, but I think my machine in our institute is the problem. I cannot install everything as I want to do, since I do not have root access and my administrator hadn’t had time yet to link everything correctly.

Best wishes!