Installation from sources failed with compiling error

Hello to all,

i’m trying to install Ngsolve from sources (Install from sources — NGS-Py 6.2.2305 documentation) *Build on Windows. An when i’m following the steps in the directions i get an Error message from my Visual Studio 2019 compiler:
Error C2672 ‘ngbla::Tens<T,SHAPE…>::Prod’: no matching overloaded function found (compiling source file …\NgSolve\src\basiclinalg\triangular.cpp) […\NgSolve\build\ngsolve\basiclinalg\ngbla.vcxproj] ngsolve …\NgSolve\src\basiclinalg\tensor.hpp 461

many thanks for your help!!!

best regards

Ok … updating MVS Compiler fixed it :smile: