Installation issue via pip

Hello, I was trying to install Netgen via pip.

But, I had an error message like below

What should I do to fix this error?


You seem to have installed TBB with another package manager, likely system one. Either fix this, for example like explained here or install ngsolve in a fresh venv.

I made a virtual environment in Anaconda.

But, still I have the issue like below.

I used
“conda install ngsolve” or “conda install -c ngsolve ngsolve” command for the installation.

Either did not work.

Also, I tried to install NGSolve in different python version (3.10). But, still it didn’t work.

Try installing ngsolve with pip in the virtual environment. I think the conda installers are not up to date.

Thanks for your response. I encountered a similar issue in Spyder. According to your suggestion, I created a virtual environment and installed NGSolve in it. But I have now encountered the following errors:

1- when I used “from ngsolve import *”
It seems the Mesh, LinearForm, BilinearForm, H1 and etc are not recoganized.

2- when I writed “from ngsolve import (Mesh, BilinearForm, LinearForm, and etc)”
It resulted in an error. For example, in the line
f += 32 * (x*(1-x)+x*(1-x)) * v * dx

I received the following error:
NameError: name ‘x’ is not defined

What should I do to fix these errors?
Thank you in advance for any assistance.

x is also defined in ngsolve package, so you also need to import it from ngsolve package.

With “it seems are not recoginzed” do you mean that the ide underlines it? Because a lot of python IDEs just do not like star-imports, but the code will run


1- You mentioned that I should import x from ngsolve package. I didn’t understand what you meant

2- Yes, the code runs, but it should draw the image in the end. Meanwhile, we don’t see the output figure. Therefore, I assumed it might not recognize Mesh, BilinearForm and etc.

the received masseges are like this

I would appreciate it if you could guide me.

it works, just ignore the pyflakes warnings