Installing NetGen/Ngsolve in a mac with OCC support.

I have been trying to add OCC support to my Mac Os in NetGen but until now I keep failing.
I am currently using the following configuration:

cmake ~/NetGen/ngsolve-src

but I keep getting:

Enabled functionality:

OCC: ............... OFF
JPEGlib: ........... OFF
FFMPEG: ............ OFF
GUI: ............... ON
MPI: ............... OFF
PYTHON: ............ ON

Is OCC integration available in Mac OS or not? If so how can I configure it correctly to compile with OCCt support.


if you want set one of the cmake options, you have to put a “D” in front such that cmake knows it’s a define flag. So none of your flags was used and you got the default configuration.
Here is a (probably not complete) list of cmake optionsyou can use to configure Netgen/NGSolve.

As you see in the list of cmake options, OCC support is not tested on MacOS. I just installed homebrew and oce (using homebrew) and it seems to work. After installing homebrew, the following command should install oce.

brew tap homebrew/science && brew install oce

Then you should be able to configure with OCC support.

cmake ~/NetGen/ngsolve-src -DUSE_OCC=ON 

Concerning the other flags you used:
[li]USE_GUI: is ON by default[/li]
[li]USE_JPEG: needed to export screenshots of the solution[/li]
[li]USE_MPI: you are probably working on a desktop machine, so you don’t need MPI[/li]
[li]USE_MPEG: you just need that to export videos[/li]
For the beginning I advice to take the default values. If you need the features you can bother about installing the dependencies.


Thanks Christoph! That was exactly the information I was looking for. It will help a lot.