Issue Installing Ngsolve


we can’t compile Ngsolve anymore. I pulled the git and tried to update my version, a colleague of mine (in the same institute) tried to compile a new installation, but we both get the following error:

This code does not compile with GCC 8.1/8.2, please upgrade your compiler

Do we need a more recent GCC compiler than that?
(We are working on a fixed redhat enviroment, so there was no change on our side regarding the compiler (gcc 8.1 and cmake 3.10))

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Hi Tim,

looking at this commit from yesterday I would guess the answer is yes.

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yes, gcc 8.1 has a severe bug that removes some for loops over initialization lists. We had workarounds at some places where we knew this could occour, but now decided to exclude these compiler versions because of this bug. You can use 7.4, 8.3 or gcc 9.