L2 higher order basis

I would like to extract coefficients of monomials in higher order basis.

The syntax that I am using to generate higher basis is as follows:

Flags hflags;
hflags.SetFlag (“dim”, 1);
hflags.SetFlag (“order”, max_order); // max order is highest degree of basis.
fspace.fes_w = make_shared (ma, hflags);
const ScalarFiniteElement & fel_w = dynamic_cast<const ScalarFiniteElement&> (space.fes_w->GetFE(i, lh));

Currently I have the value of basis functions at the quadrature points. But I wanted to express my basis functions in terms of monomials (x^my^n) . Generally most of the basis functions are obtained though some transformation on tensor product of legendre polynomials or Jacobi polynomials.

Is it possible to extract this information directly from netgen rather than projecting it on monomial basis and then using the coefficients.