LevelSet : Fast-marching and mesh deformation


I’m trying to implement both mesh conforming and non-conforming Level-set methods in NGSolve.

Is there already a fast marching algorithm (or a convenient data-structure) in NGSolve I can use/access to compute the signed distance to compute an implicit boundary ?

I’m having trouble understanding the effect .SetDeformation/UnsetDeformation command on the mesh. Do the BilinearForm have to be redefined or just reassembled ? Is the quality of the mesh is somewhat preserved by this command ?


Hi Thomas,

Regarding the deformation question: The bilinear form has to be reassembled for the mesh deformation to take effect. Whether mesh retains its quality after the deformation depends on the quality/size of the deformation. The deformation computed for higher-order level set approximations is small, so in that case, the mesh quality is fine after the deformation.

I am not aware of a fast marching algorithm implemented in NGSolve/ngsxfem.

Best wishes,