Linux HPC Install Error

I’m having some issues with getting NGSolve installed on a CentOS 7 Linux HPC at work. I have included the output in typescript.txt as well as the modules loaded and commands used in my install process. Note that the openmpi and Python modules are compiled with gcc 6.3.0. I have done several installs with different CMake and gcc versions with no success. Add the cmake flag to turn the GUI off does not help, it still fails in the same spot for the same reason.

[code]> module load Python/3.6.4/gcc-6.3.0

module load Utils/cmake/3.9.1
module load openmpi-2.0/gcc-6.3.0
module list
Currently Loaded Modulefiles:

  1. gcc-6.3.0 2) openmpi-2.0/gcc-6.3.0 3) Python/3.6.4/gcc-6.3.0 4) Utils/cmake/3.9.1

git clone GitHub - NGSolve/ngsolve: Netgen/NGSolve is a high performance multiphysics finite element software. It is widely used to analyze models from solid mechanics, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics. Due to its flexible Python interface new physical equations and solution algorithms can be implemented easily. src
cd src
git submodule update --init --recursive
cd …
mkdir build /vol/apps/test/ngsolve/gcc-6.3.0
cd build
cmake -DUSE_MPI=ON

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Using CMake 3.14.5 and gcc 8.2.0 worked.