Mesh Refinement Routines


i) Which refinement routine is used for local (adaptive) mesh refinements? I haven’t found anything in the documentation.

ii) Is there a simple way to include an alternative routine like the one of Maubach in “Local Bisection Refinement for N-Simplicial Grids Generated by Reflection”?

iii) Are there already different refinement routines included?

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Hi Johannes,

regarding (i), the doc-string of the Mesh class states

| Refine(…)
| Refine(self: ngsolve.comp.Mesh, mark_surface_elements: bool = False, onlyonce: bool = False) → None
| Local mesh refinement based on marked elements, uses element-bisection algorithm

regarding (iii) In the Navier-Stokes workshop materials from the third NGSolve User Meeting, there is a script wich implements barycentric mesh refinement in python. This may be a good starting point to implement your own mesh refinement routine.

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Hi, thanks for your answer. Is the bisection routine somewhere specified, that is, does the program use longest-edge bisection or the bisection routine of Maubach/Traxler?

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