Monitor meshing in Python


1 - Is there a simple example showing how to monitor the meshing process (edges,faces,solides) and display customized info (with : stage, percent, id of the current entity)
I used to use “SetMessageImportance(2)” but that’s quite “dirty” cause i need to parse the python stdout… I’d be nice to have an explicit defined FunctionPointer (callback)
2 - Does someone know what “SetLoggingLevel(LOG_LEVEL.Trace,“TaskManager”)” is for ? I see nothing.

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Does the forum still active ?


@1: at least to my still limited knowledge, I am not aware of such specialized/fine-grained progress tracking.

@2: Maybe this thread has an answer for you: Stop TaskManager console message - Kunena
“TaskManager” is used to activate shared-memory parallelization. So the option you refer to might not always have an effect.

Hope I could help at least a bit.

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