Netgen visualisation problem with time dependent Dirichlet data


currently I am running the Schäfter-Turek benchmark problem 2D-3. This is the similar to the problem considered in the i-Tutorial on Navier-Stokes but with a time-dependent inflow Dirichlet boundary condition.

My problem: When I run the script with the Netgen GUI, there is a redraw of the velocity solution when I set the Dirichlet data in every time step, even though the only “Redraw()” command is set after I have computed the new solution. This makes looking at the solution during simulation almost impossible. Is there a way os suppressing this redraw? I would like to avoid having to make a VTK output every time I run the script to look at the results once the simulation has finished.


It might be that the Redrawing is not yet finished when you already update the boundary conditions in the next time step. You should try using Redraw(blocking=True) which waits until the drawing is finished before progressing in the script.


Thats done the trick! Thank you very much!

Best Wishes,