ngsolve deinstallation confuses cmake

Hi Guys,
there is a weird behavior on Windows 10 after uninstalling some old version of ngsolve (ngsolve-v6.2.2104).
If i want to compile some C++ program, that is not ngsolve related, in the linking stage zlib.lib is not found any more. Until now i did not need to handle zlib.lib in any way. To solve the problem i tried to download zlib from GnuWin32 on sourceforge and set ZLIB_LIBRARY and ZLIB_INCLUDE_DIR.

the error message reads

LINK : fatal error LNK1104: Datei "C:\Program Files\ngsolve-v6.2.2104\Lib\zlib.lib"

i am out of ideas, please help :slight_smile:

i asked also here