Number of Faces on Imported Geometry

After reading in a .step file with:

geo = OCCGeometry('someModel.step') 

…is there a way to get the number of faces in the geometry?

After meshing I see in the documentation that one can use .GetNFaceDescriptors(), however I need the number of faces before meshing to set up meshing iterators.

If anyone has a more elegant/direct solution I would like to know, but in the meantime, this hack worked:

geo = OCCGeometry('someModel.step') #import step file

#Find the number of faces using Python's try: except: else:  feature for exception handling
faces = 0
while i > 0:
        geo.SetFaceMeshsize(faces,1000)   #try the set face mesh size function
        i = 0  #end while loop if index out of range error.  Last value of 'faces' retained.
        faces += 1   #increment 'faces' if no error

print(faces) #note, this returns the 'faces' + 1, which is needed for the range functions
geo.SetFaceMeshsize(0,1000)  #set mesh size for air boundary    
geo.SetFaceMeshsize(1,1000)  #set mesh size for ground plane
for surface in range(2,faces):  #iterate through surfaces of cuboid
    geo.SetFaceMeshsize(surface,200)  #set mesh size for cuboid surfaces

ngmesh = geo.GenerateMesh(maxh = 1000,grading = 0.75)