Problem installing Jupyter

I hope someone can help spot my mistake!

I have a MacBook Air with the M2 chip running OS 13.5. I installed NGSolve and Jupyter using pip3 (from a HomeBrew installation of Python 3.11.4) following the installation instructions on the Downloads page. But then got the following error

% jupyter nbextension install --user --py webgui_jupyter_widgets
usage: jupyter [-h] [–version] [–config-dir] [–data-dir] [–runtime-dir] [–paths] [–json]

Jupyter: Interactive Computing

positional arguments:
subcommand the subcommand to launch

-h, --help show this help message and exit
–version show the versions of core jupyter packages and exit
–config-dir show Jupyter config dir
–data-dir show Jupyter data dir
–runtime-dir show Jupyter runtime dir
–paths show all Jupyter paths. Add --json for machine-readable format.
–json output paths as machine-readable json
–debug output debug information about paths

Available subcommands: console dejavu events execute kernel kernelspec lab labextension labhub
migrate nbconvert notebook qtconsole run server troubleshoot trust

Jupyter command jupyter-nbextension not found.


For the latest Jupyter Version (7.0.0), there is no need to run

jupyter nbextension install ....

The nightly documentation is already updated accordingly: Using Jupyter notebook — NGS-Py 6.2.2304-75-g3c64e89b7 documentation
We are preparing the next release right now, the latest documentation will then be updated.