Problem with understanding of the max mesh size

Hello everyone:

Sorry about this foolish question, but I did not succeed in getting the anwser that I need.

In the mesh option of Netgen 3D Parameters, the max. and min. mesh size is always set to be 1000 and 0 as the default, which is also the case in other platforms like FreeCAD and Salome Meca, but I wonder what these two numbers exactly mean, does it mean the volume of the elements are 1000 mm3 and 0 mm3, respectively? If not, what units should they have?


Hi mitu7362,

lengths in Netgen/NGSolve do not have units, they are dimensionless.

You can “choose” what unit you want to have, and then adopt your parameters.


I see. Thanks a lot fot the anwser.