Quick 1D-mesh

Dear all,

is there any 1D equivalent to the unit_square-mesh generation functionality in netgen? I just need an interval and don’t want to import from external meshing software.

Thanks in advance,

Hi wlahi,

the ngsolve submodule ngsolve.meshes has the function Make1DMesh for that purpose. You can also have a look at the ngsolve tutorial file py_tutorials/fem1d.py for this.

Best wishes,

Thank you very much!

I have a follow-up question, though. The tutorial you mentioned is unfortunately very well hidden. I only knew the docs , but the tutorials aren’t the same as on github. I’ve also noticed that minor things in the current version don’t work exactly like in the docs. Is somewhere a complete, up-to-date documentation/tutorial I don’t know of? :smiley: