Read msh-file with periodicity

Dear all,

in Gmsh I have created a mesh of a 90-degree rotating geometry, where
the points at the top and the bottom are already identified as
periodic. When I read the .msh-file in Netgen, the periodicity gets
lost. Do you know how to handle this problem?
In this link the .msh file and my script for reading the mesh
and checking if the periodicity on the top and bottom is satisfied, are provided.

Thanks in advance!


Hm, afaik the gmsh reader in netgen ignores the periodicity data (if it is in the gmsh mesh). If you know how to read it, you could copy the file from netgen/python and add the functionality. What you would basically need to add point identificiations for all the identified points:

mesh.AddPointIdentification(pointindex1, pointindex2, idnr, netgen.meshing.IdentificationType.PERIODIC)

idnr is the identification number if you have multiple identified faces (for example top with bot and left with right), in each idnr a point can only be once.

Hi christopher,

thanks for your quick reply! I managed to add the periodic identification to the read_gmsh file and it worked.