I have generated gmsh file in version 2 format.
I have named the surface “out” as attached screenshot.

I imported the gmsh file into netgen and checked those labels
with the following python script.

from netgen.read_gmsh import ReadGmsh
mesh = ReadGmsh('input_v2.msh')
import ngsolve
mesh = ngsolve.Mesh(mesh)
from ngsolve import *

Tha label names are renamed.

('air', 'magnetic')

input_v2.msh (1024.0 KB)

I also tested with other examples and the same thing happens.

a fix for this is in the pipelines and should be in next nightly release.
Thanks for reporting.

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Thank you, Christopher,

I could see It is fixed.
Now I can import the gmsh file generated by Coreform Cubit as attached
even on the Jupyter hub.