Reading in .vol files and unit radius spheres for MAC


Is it possible to read in mesh previously generated with netgen and use them with the Python script solver ngs-py?

In the .vol file I know what the ids of the different materials will be and the ids of the surfaces are, but these are tagged just with 1,2,3 etc rather than text labels so I’m also not sure how to prescribe the materials and the BCs as the example shown uses meshes generated within the Python script solver which have textual labels instead.

Also, I’d be grateful if you could update the build of netgen/ngsolve for a MAC as I think this still has the bug of only generating meshes for a sphere of unit radius c.f.




there is a new installer including the fix for spheres.

When you set bcnames and materials you should see a list of them at the end of the .vol file. After loading with mesh = Mesh(...) you can check the boundary names and materials with