Removing seam in cylindrical surface

Hi Everyone,

First time posting here. I’m trying to mesh a cylinder with two square faces on its curved face.

My starting point is a step model exported from Fusion 360. The problem I’m facing is that the file imported comes with a seam (I’ve attached a picture).

When I model it in Fusion there is no seam, as the cylinder is extruded. I have tried exporting the file as iges but still the seam is present (I’ve attached some pictures). I also tried using FreeCad and I have the same issue.

The problem is when meshing the face close to the seam is quite different to the one on the opposite side.

I tried using Netgen’s mesh doctor to remove the seam once meshed and while I can remove the edge of the seam, I’m not sure how to tell Netgen to remesh without it.

Is there a way to remove it or make Netgen ignore it when meshing?