Segmentation fault while calling ngsolve library

I am using the following python script in which I call both netgen and ngsolve:
from netgen.read_gmsh import ReadGmsh

import the Gmsh file to a Netgen mesh object

mesh = ReadGmsh(“output”)

wrap it into an NGSolve mesh

from ngsolve import *
mesh = Mesh(mesh)
print (“num vol elements:”, mesh.GetNE(VOL))
print (“num bnd elements:”, mesh.GetNE(BND))

I have build netgen on an linux machine with no gui availbale and there has no error while building it while following the build instruction. The error which I get when I is the following:
python3 ( is the name of the file)
set global mesh
zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped) python3
This error arises when control reaches “from ngsolve import *” although I am able to call netgen and associated function

Would you try running it in the debugger to see where exactly the segfault happens?

Just run
gdb -ex run -ex bt --args python3

and append the complete console output.

hi Matthiash,
I have added the full output in text file (console_output.txt with this reply) from console after running the script in debugger. I also wanted to add that same segfault occurs when I call netgen only which is as follows:
togl-version : 2
no OpenGL
loading ngsolve library
zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped) netgen



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