Simple 2d FEM code

Hi there, I’m new to NG Solve. I have multiple problems to get the example code running. First I can’t get the Draw tool to open the web gui from PyCharm only from Jupiter. Also I always get errors from commands like mesh = Mesh(unit_square.GenerateMesh(maxh=0.2)) .

Can someone help me out with example code that runs an easy 2d FEM of a cantilever or some other easy example?

best regards

here are some tutorials I used in class - maybe you succeed from them:

Thanks, that helped a lot. It’s now working. I want to build a topology optimization using a simple SIMP method. I tried searching for one in the forum but couldn’t find any. Do you know if there’s an existing one available? Additionally, I’m having some trouble understanding certain commands, and I couldn’t find an API reference. Is there one available, or am I just having trouble locating it?
Thanks in advance!